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Welcome to Beautiful Wood

I create beautiful things out of wood that otherwise would go to waste. I use whatever wood is to hand; fallen trees and boughs, recycled furniture, off-cuts from building sites and material thrown away on rubbish dumps. Whatever the source of the wood, I select only those pieces that have character. Whether its  the colours, the shape, or the grain,  there will be something about it that triggers a reaction and gives me inspiration.

Although I use power tools where necessary, nothing here has been mass produced, turned on a computer controlled lathe, subcontracted out to somebody else, or produced in a hurry without care and effort. Everything is hand crafted and hand finished, so each and every item is genuinely unique.

Beautiful wood items are as environmentally sound as possible, from the sourcing of the wood through to the natural waxes and polishes using in the finishing stages. Even the waste wood is used to heat the workshop.

Enjoy the articles and the photographs, and browse through the shop. Remember, that everything in the shop is hand produced and truly a one-off. When you buy a Beautiful Wood product you get a unique item; there will never be another one quite like yours.

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